3 Week Diet Review

Growing up, I was always the little chubby kid in school and I believe that most of you know exactly what that entails. I was faced with lots of extreme bullying, I didn’t have lots of friends and I was always the last person to be picked in any sports that were played. To put it bluntly, my childhood was a misery and it was mainly due to my heavier than average weight.

As I grew older, I got thinking seriously about my size and I began planning to change it – to get thinner. I didn’t have any idea where to start and I began scouring the internet for diet plans. After finding a few good foods to eat, I set off to plan my own diet which would hopefully allow me to drop some pounds. I’ll just tell you now that this did not turn out how I wanted it to.

During my initial attempt at dieting, I was lacking discipline and could never really keep myself from having “just that one biscuit”, that inevitably lead to me devouring the entire packet. This, of course, meant that I failed my new diet plan over and over again. I hated myself for it but I really couldn’t help myself. I was out of control!


However, my life took a drastic turn for the better when I was speaking to my cousin about wanting to lose weight. She promptly recommended that I try the “3 Week Diet” and said that it was a diet that was almost impossible to fail. Of course, I didn’t really believe her but I thought that I’d try it anyway because the situation couldn’t really progress to be much worse.

Combined, the advice from my cousin and the decision to try the “3 Week Diet” turned out to be the best events of my life so far! So, now that you have a little background context, I’ll give you an insight into the wonders of the “3 Week Diet“!

I’ll begin by stating that, whilst on the “3 Week Diet“, you will never feel that crippling hunger that most other diet plans force you to endure. The plan is very flexible in what it allows you to eat and you probably won’t have to make too many alterations to the way you currently eat – unless you consume an insane amount of food everyday. This means, as I have previously stated, that you won’t have to starve yourself to lose the pounds!


What you will have to do, however, is change the foods that you intake as selecting the right foods means that you will be able to burn them off more effectively. But do not be afraid, the ‘right foods’ are not necessarily these ‘super foods’ that everyone keeps jabbering on about. You won’t have to constantly be eating sprouts and broccoli whilst on this diet, you’ll have a much larger scope than these boring foods. This means that there is more to work with and you can vary your meals as to not become bored.

Whilst on the subject of being bored, it is vital that the “3 Week Diet” makes itself not boring. This is because boredom is another big cause for the giving up of diets. You may think that you’ll be fine eating bananas and apples for dinner everyday but, believe me, after a few weeks you begin to grow sick of them! This is where the “3 Week Diet” changes it up – as I said before, you will have the option to change up your meals constantly.

To accompany the “3 Week Diet“, I’d recommend regular exercise. I’m not saying that the diet alone won’t help you to lose the weight, because it definitely will. But, as with every weight loss scheme, exercise helps you to shed those pounds faster than the diet alone.


Also, doing exercise means that you can consume more food, if you would prefer to (Although, your losses won’t be as big if you eat more). The reason behind this is that if you burn off 300 calories during exercise, then you can eat another 300 calories guilt free as you effectively won’t put them on! Therefore, you can afford to eat more in the day.

Now, just because I have recommended exercise, don’t go straight out and buy a gym membership because you won’t need one. Some of the best exercise can be done in the comfort of your own home, or garden (If you don’t mind the neighbours watching). Just do a quick search on the internet for “Exercises That Can Be Done At Home” and you’ll be good to go.

I’d also suggest that you create a regime so that you know exactly what exercises you are going to do on which night of the week. This makes it more methodical and you will be more likely to actually complete your exercises.


Now that you know most of what the “3 Week Diet” has to offer, I’m going to tell you a little about what sort of results to expect when on this diet. In the first week of my diet, (Without exercise) I was able to lose 5 pounds of weight – yes, 5 pounds! These are the sort of great results that you can expect from this regime.

In the second week, again, I was able to lose 5 pounds. However, I did exercise on 4 of the 7 days of that week. This may sound bad to you, but you have to keep in mind that weight loss is always maximised in the first week because after a while your body’s metabolism slows down match your lesser intake. Therefore, this second 5 pound loss is actually very good!

After my third week of this diet, I had lost 13 pounds. This is one pound short of a stone! I was absolutely gobsmacked to stand on the scales and see these changes happening right in front of me, it felt incredible and still feels incredible today. For the losses that I have made so far with the “3 Week Diet“, I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose some weight as the regime makes it so simple to do so. Just make sure to stay committed and ambitious and the weight will just drop off – I wish you the best of luck!



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