There comes a point in the lives of most people where they feel as though they need to go on a diet – this could be purely to lose weight or it could be to get in shape for a sport. If you happen to be one of the many people who decide to go on a diet, I think that it’s important that you know what you are getting yourself into. I feel that this is so important because a lot of people who begin to diet don’t know what to expect and end up quitting when they become overwhelmed by it all.

Firstly, one of the massive changes that a diet brings about is the difference in portion sizes. Before you started your diet, you may have been eating huge plates of food and consuming much more than you probably required. Once on a diet, this will no longer be happening.

With most diets, you are expected to limit your portion sizes so that you are effectively consuming less food. However, your portion sizes can still be large but the only foods that can be eaten in large quantities are most likely foods that you despise. What I mean by this is that most diets say that it is fine to fill your plates with veggies but don’t go eating more than two slices of pizza. So, unless you are in love with eating broccoli, then you are going to have to alter your portion sizes to make them weight loss friendly.

Furthermore, the foods that are most forbidden whilst on a diet are everyones favourites. You will, most likely, be banned from eating your sugary, fat-filled goodies that we all love. These include cookies, donuts and fizzy pop! This isn’t exactly the end of the road if you can control yourself, but definitely don’t go on a diet if you want to be stopped from eating half a packet of biscuits with your cup of tea on a Tuesday afternoon.

There are ways around not being able to eat the good stuff – eat alternatives. Although not as good tasting, you’ll be able to somewhat nullify your cravings for sugar with sweet fruits. Examples of such fruits are strawberries, oranges and grapes. They all taste great without diminishing weight loss, which is what is so good about them.

A final point that I must articulate is that the best results whilst dieting come when the diet is accompanied by exercise. Therefore, if you do not want to do the exercise, don’t expect to lose as much as people may suggest that you will. Diets can be completed without exercise and still do help you to lose weight on their own but they become much more difficult without the exercise.

The reason why they become more of a challenge is because if you keep overeating, you’ll not lose any weight. But if you are exercising then you may still get away with eating slightly more than you should be. For example, if you are limited to 1200 calories per day and you eat 1500, you may remain at the same weight and not lose anything. However, if you ate those 1500 calories and burnt 300 calories during exercise, you technically only consumed 1200, which matches your daily allowance.

In summary, not every diet is ideal for everyone but I still believe that anyone is capable of losing weight. All you need is commitment and you should be able to see results. Just remember that diets also take time, if you didn’t lose any weight in the first two days, don’t give up, the weight will eventually go!


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