Total Six Pack Abs Review

Before I begin getting into the main part of the review, I just want to state that before “Total Six Pack Abs“, I had no real relation or experience with muscle training. I started from a clean blank slate when I got into the “Total Six Pack Abs” regime and I think that this alone shows how great of a programme they have designed.

The very first day that I started training my abs with the exercises that “Total Six Pack Abs” recommend, I was in pain after completing them. I had never really used my abdominal muscles before and it was definitely showing. The next day I was aching but determined to continue with the regime as what I wanted was clear in m mind – toned abs.

What I began to realise after a couple of weeks was that my body was beginning to adapt to the new use of its abdominal muscles that it had struggled with so much before. I no longer felt pain whilst doing the exercises and I no longer woke up aching. This alone felt great as I knew that I was making progress towards the body that I so desired.


I feel as though the exercises that “Total Six Pack Abs” put forward are excellent in doing their job because you can actually feel them working – or at least that’s what I thought the pain was. Also, they are very adaptable workout techniques. What I mean by this is that you can do them for your own amount of time and you can complete them as many times as you want. Effectively, you can tailor your regime to fit with how quickly you want to see changes. For example, the more time you spend exercising and the more reps of each exercise you do, the faster your ab muscles will develop. It really is as simple as that!

As in most cases of body change, along with the exercise, the “Total Six Pack Regime” changes the way that you eat. Personally, I didn’t find this much of an issue at all because the foods that are recommended are very tasty and saturating. Although there is a diet change, I didn’t really have to change the way I ate that much. The most considerable change was the fact that I reduced a lot of my portion sizes to effectively take in less calories in order to lose fat.

However, this didn’t cause me any problems and I was completely fine with the reduction in portion sizes because I did it for myself. You will not necessarily have to do the same thing as long as your plate is filled with the right foods. On the subject of food, being a meat-lover, I really enjoyed upping my intake of meat to supply myself with sufficient protein. If you are like me and enjoy eating meat, then you’ll love this side to the diet.


Of course, muscle growth requires protein, therefore the “Total Six Pack Abs” regime increases the amount of meat you are eating. So, as I said, if you are like me and love meat then the diet will be great for you as you can eat more meat than usual to increase the amount of protein that you are consuming. In its own way, the diet became a bit more of a treat to me!

As well as providing you with great ab workouts and a new diet plan, “Total Six Pack Abs” also teaches you how to change the way your body functions to increase the rate at which your abs develop. I found these tips particularly useful because they really did increase the speed of the process! The changes that I am talking of include:

  • I was able to control my metabolism, making it burn my own body fat for fuel
  • I was able to plan a diet that allowed me to energise my muscles whilst also burning fat for energy
  • I was taught how to use resistance training to accelerate both fat burning and muscle growth
  • Finally, I was given advice on what cardio workout methods to use that will aid my progression

Aside from all of this, “Total Six Pack Abs” provided me with some great tools that I found very useful to keep track of my progress and to make sure that I was heading in the right direction. I used the body fat percentage calculator very frequently to make sure that I was reducing that percentage and I also thought that the inclusion of the time scale calculator was great (An algorithm to work out how long it will take you to get a six pack).


As well as these two tools, I used the provided planner to full effect. All I did was input my weight, height and a few other features and the tool was able to show me the exact amount of each diet component (Carbs, Protein, etc.) that I would need to intake. I was absolutely amazed that all of these extra tools were included because it makes “Total Six Pack Abs” totally worth the money!

Now that “Total Six Pack Abs” itself has been discussed, let’s talk results. For me, I found that after around 2 weeks I was seeing noticeable results and my stomach area was starting to tighten. After another 2 weeks (4 weeks), I was physically able to see my ab muscles beginning to protrude my skin.

These changes to my body, that were happening right in front of my eyes, gave me masses and masses of motivation to carry on as I started. Personally, that was what it was all about – seeing visible results. When I get involved in regimes where the changes are visible, I feel much more keen and committed to push myself to the next level, and “Total Six Pack Abs” definitely provided this drive! I would 100% recommend this six pack programme to anyone looking to develop their abs. Just make sure to stay dedicated, stick to the plan and you’ll be noticing results in no time!



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